The Search for Student Accommodation

With rising livingprices, finding the perfect accommodation for London students has never beenmore important. It is becoming increasingly more advantageous forinternationals to invest in new developments close to their universities – notjust for their central location – but because it could make a promisinginvestment opportunity.

It’s March, and you have just received an offer to study at one of London’s central universities – congratulations! However, excitement about university offers can quickly turn to anxiety when it comes to considering where to live in London, whether you are a student or a parent. This is especially true for international students, who do not have the luxury of visiting London as often as their ‘home’ counterparts do.

Students in a communal area
It is best to check a university’s accommodation beforehand

For the majority of incoming first-year undergraduates, they can apply to halls of residence either owned by the universities themselves, or via the University of London’s intercollegiate halls. This is also true for some international postgraduate students, although it is best to check with the university first beforehand.



For those who cannot rely on halls of residence, or those attending the University of the Arts where this is not an option, your best port of call is private accommodation. University College London (UCL) advises looking for housing at least one-two months before you have to move. However, there’s no time like the present, and instead, we would recommend looking at what’s available to buy now. Or at the very least, think carefully about which areas you would like to live in.

Aerial view of Holborn
Think carefully about which areas you would like to live in

Despite higher prices, it may be preferable to live within walking distance of your university. Not only will you avoid the inconvenience of commuting, but students who live close to campus gain better results. Most of London’s top universities, including UCL, London School of Economics (LSE), and SOAS, are all located around Holborn and Russell Square. Luckily this is a hub for private student accommodation.

A Long-Term Investment

It is becoming a lot more common for international students to collaborate with their families and invest in buying a property in the capital. Not only does this allow them to live there for the duration of their degree, but it also means that if the family sell the property after graduation, they will likely make a profit.

Holborn has been at the centre of several new builds and refurbishments, providing new potential accommodation for international university students. One of the best examples is Pinks Mews, a quiet gated mews located a stone’s throw from Chancery Lane tube station, directly opposite the iconic Holborn Bars.

View from Pinks Mews towards Holborn Bars

Named after the ‘Hunting Pinks’ of foxhunters, derived from the Madder Plant, this brand-new development is built on the foundations of six Victorian buildings and the 15thCentury Dyers Buildings. It offers 35 luxury homes, comprising 16 apartments, eight penthouses, and 11 loft-style properties, so there are a wide range of choices available for students. Rather than halls, an apartment in Pinks Mews can provide a home away from home and is still within 10 minutes walking distance of LSE and UAL. Its location is also top choice for students wanting tocomplete internships with global law firms like Slaughter and May, Goldman Sachs, and tech giants such as Google, all of which are located in Holborn.

If this is your plan of action, it is worth bearing in mind that the buying process can take over a month. If you are starting a course in September, then we suggest coming to London as soon as possible to secure an apartment at Pinks Mews (there are just 13 remaining available currently).

To arrange a viewing, pleasecontact the appropriate team here, our agents will be happy to assist you.

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